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World's Finest - Super-Sons

"Imaginary Stories"
For several years from the late 1950s to the mid-1980s, particularly during the 1960s Silver Age of Comic Books era, DC Comics published various stories about their title characters which did not take place in their regular continuity. Most of these stories were labeled "Imaginary Stories" and featured alternate histories of characters. Although the majority of Imaginary Stories were published in various Superman comics, a few Imaginary Stories appeared in Batman comics and other DC publications.

The last official "Imaginary Story" ever published—"Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?"—was written by Alan Moore and appeared in Superman #423 and Action Comics #583 (both September 1986). The Elseworlds series of self-contained stories are essentially Imaginary Stories under a newer label and a wider scope of possibilities.

Super-sons is also one of the last of the Silver Age imaginery stories.


The Super-Sons were a pair of fictional characters in an alternate version of the DC Comics universe.

The Super-Sons were Superman Jr. (Clark Kent Jr.) and Batman Jr. (Bruce Wayne Jr.), college-aged versions of their superhero fathers. Their mothers, although suspected
to be Lois Lane and Batwoman, are never fully shown. The Super-Sons, tired of living in their fathers' shadows, were apparently intended by writer Bob Haney to represent
the youth culture versions of Superman and Batman, not unlike his take on the Teen Titans. The Super-Sons debuted in World's Finest Comics #215 (1973), and had a sporadic run in that title through #242 (1976).

The Super-Sons look almost exactly like their fathers and wear identical costumes. The characters spoke with a slightly exaggerated version of the slang popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. They regard each other as brothers, since both
understand the pressures involved in being the son of a living legend. Like his father, Batman Jr. has no superhuman powers and relies on athletic prowess and gadgets. Superman Jr., on the other hand, has inherited his father's powers. Since Superman Jr. is half-human, his powers are lesser than those of Superman, Sr., although it should be noted that the elder Superman's powers were almost limitless.

Although the very first Super-Sons Story insisted that the stories of the Super-Sons were actual stories in the lives of Superman and Batman, their final appearance (World's Finest #263) revealed that the Sons had never existed - they were merely computer simulations of what might have been. Two decades later, a Super-Sons story was published in the rare comic special Elseworlds 80-Page Giant (1999).Which is also included in this package.

Superman Jr. and Batman Jr. are later seen in Infinite Crisis #6 on Earth-154. Whether or not this connects with previous comics is unclear.

Check List:

WORLD'S FINEST 154 - December 1965 - "The Sons of Superman and Batman"
by Edmond Hamilton (writer) / Curt Swan & Sheldon Moldoff

WORLD'S FINEST 157 - May 1966 -
"The Abominable Brats" by Edmond Hamilton (writer) / Curt Swan,
George Klein & Sheldon Moldoff

ACTION 391 - August 1970 - "The Punishment of Superman's Son"
by Robert Kanigher (writer) / Ross Andru & Mike Esposito

ACTION 392 - September 1970 - "The Shame of the Super-Son" by Robert
Kanigher (writer) / Ross Andru & Mike Esposito

WORLD'S FINEST 215 - January 1973 - "Saga of the Super Sons" by Bob
Haney (writer) / Dick Dillin & Henry Scarpelli

WORLD'S FINEST 216 - February 1973 - "Little Town With a Big Secret"
by Bob Haney (writer) / Dick Dilling & Murphy Anderson

WORLD'S FINEST 221 - January-February 1974 - "Cry Not For My Forsaken Son"
by Bob Haney (writer) / Dick Dilling & Murphy Anderson

WORLD'S FINEST 222 - March-April 1974 - "Evil in Paradise"
by Bob Haney (writer) / Dick Dillin & Vince Colletta

WORLD'S FINEST 224 - July-August 1974 - "The Shocking Switch of the Super-Sons"
by Bob Haney (writer) / Dick Dillin & Vince Colletta

WORLD'S FINEST 228 - March 1975 - "Crown for a New Batman"
by Bob Haney (writer) / Dick Dilling & Tex Blaisdell

WORLD'S FINEST 230 - June 1975 - "The Girl Whom Time Forgot"
by Bob Haney (writer) / Curt Swan & Tex Blaisdell

WORLD'S FINEST 231 - July 1975 - "Hero is a Dirty Name"
by Bob Haney (writer) / Dick Dilling & Tex Blaisdell

WORLD'S FINEST 233 - November 1975 - "World Without Men"
by Bob Haney (writer) / Dick Dillin & John Calnan

WORLD'S FINEST 238 - June 1976 - "The Angel With a Dirty Name"
by Bob Haney (writer) / Dick Dillin & John Calnan

WORLD'S FINEST 242 - December 1976 - "Town of the Timeless Heroes"
by Bob Haney (writer) / Ernie Chua & John Calnan

WORLD'S FINEST 263 - June-July 1980 - "The Final Secret of the Super-Sons"
by Dennis O'Neil (writer) / Rich Buckler & Dick Giordano

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